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Podslurping made easy (don't try this at work)

Marc Perton

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We sort of think this is obvious, but computer security expert Abe Usher has published a proof of concept showing how easy it is to swipe corporate data via "podslurping," using an iPod or other portable drive. Usher has posted an entry on his blog that not only features detailed info about how podslurping works, but also includes a helpful podslurping app for those who'd like to try it out. While the idea of grabbing data via iPod is nothing new — Gartner recommended banning them from offices a year ago — Usher's posting is sure to set off a wave of panic among nervous execs who will in turn hassle their IT managers, who will in turn hire high-priced consultants to come in and upgrade their network security, which will in turn be broken by bored teenagers in Russia, which will be reported on by us and other blogs, which will then be repeated by the mainstream media in a tone of nervous excitement, setting off a wave of panic among nervous execs who will…

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