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Motorola's RAZR H700, H300, and H3 Bluetooth headsets

Peter Rojas
Motorola RAZR H3

Apparently the RAZR brand name applies to stuff besides cellphones, or at least Motorola knows a good thing when they see it and have introduced a line of RAZR-branded Bluetooth headsets that sort of have the same styling as their RAZR V3 cellphone (so finally your headset can stop clashing with your cellie). There's the H700, which has echo cancellation and noise reduction, the H300, which can get 30 hours of a talk time from a single AAA battery, and the H3 (pictured above), which of the three looks most like a RAZR phone. All three should be out in the 2nd half of this year. Click to see pics of the H700 and H300.

[Via Slashphone]

Motorola H700

The H700

Motorla H300
The H300

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