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ColdPlay-branded Solio iPod Charger


Not only does British band ColdPlay release exclusive tracks to the iTMS more than any other band (as far as I can tell) and not only did the lead singer, Chris Martin, and his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, name their baby daughter "Apple," but as further signification of ColdPlay's fanatical obsession with all things Apple-related as well as their devotion to the sometimes-religion whose would-be Pope is a college drop-out and trend-setting fan of the turtleneck, they are now offering a X & Y-branded version of everyone's favorite solar-charging battery-pack for the iPod, the Solio, for sale on the band's UK site.

The Solio grabs the rays from Mr. Sun, and uses them to charge a battery, which in turn helps charge your iPod. I wrote a review of the Solio for AppleMatters once upon a time. This new Coldplay-sponsored version comes in a limited run of only 200 and will set you back 79.99 in British pounds.

[via iPodLounge]

Aside: I believe this is my most cross-referential post ever.


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