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Nine Inch Nails releases "Only" for GarageBand, more


Back in April Trent Reznor, the brains behind Nine Inch Nails, released a GarageBand version of "The Hand That Feeds," encouraging fans to have at it and create their own remixes. Echoing the Sound even held a fan remix contest. Really cool.

Well Trent has done it again. This time he's released the current Nine Inch Nails single, "Only," for Garageband, Ableton Live and  Digidesign Pro Tools LE/TDM/M-Audio.  Trent writes at "
Again, there is no agenda here other than for you to explore, experiment, and have fun with it. Depending on how this goes we may construct a more formal community for remix postings and/or possibly some sort of 'official' endorsement by means of an EP or something." Now that's just cool. Have fun, TUAW'ers!


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