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LoJack for laptops

Ryan Block, @ryan
Telly Savalas

Face it: if you're like us your laptop is more important than your car (especially since living in the city you don't even own a car). In an effort to cash in make users feel more safe carrying their investments, Absolute Software licensed the name LoJack to make a LoJack-like system for your portable. Apparently the software installs a silent agent into the machine's BIOS which sends a IP address or phone number upon Internet connection to help identify its physical location in case it should "go missing". (We're not really sure how it pulls the phone digits, though.) A bit different from SkyHook, but hey, LoJack even offers a $1,000 recovery guarantee for your machine so you feel that much more safe cruising around at night with your precious gear. Just don't forget to freaking back up and use decent passwords though, ok? Identity theft totally sucks, and you really don't want to have to get this guy on the case.

[Via GigaOm]

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