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Audio Spotlights: controlling sound like a beam of light


holosonic audio spotlightIt's been awhile since we've updated you on directional sound which unlike room flooding loudspeakers, leverages ultrasound waves to project sound in a narrow beam up to 200 meters away. Well, looks like F. Jospeh Pompei at Holosonic Research Labs won the smackdown as he's livin' large now producing a sound beam processor/amplifier and a range of Audio Spotlight transducers — claiming to be the first and only to deliver beamed audio with only 1% distortion and zero lag time. The most compelling feature of this technology continues to be the ability to control the sound rather than to offer the best sound quality (at a reasonable price). As such, its use remains confined to museums, theme parks and even golf tournaments…oh, and U2 concerts too someday.

[Via TRFJ]

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