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"Speed spy" device to use GPS to actively prevent speeding

Speeding odometer

Whoa, we thought it was already bordering on Big Brotherish when we reported on the US and UK's forays into using GPS to tax road usage, but this beats all — the Brits are also trialling a GPS-based device that'll actually step on the brakes if you exceed the speed limit. The satellite-based system monitors the speed limit at your current location and will either activate the brakes or cut the accelerator to prevent you from speeding. The Department for Transport says they have no plans to make such a system mandatory — the incentive will be a discount on the congestion charge, which is now up to £8 a day. Just remember that if you opt to sell your free will, your vehicle will be severely handicapped when we're all struggling for survival in post-apocalyptic Mad Max world, k?

[Via slashdot]

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