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Thanks, but we really don't need your old cellphones

Marc Perton
old cell

If you're thinking of satisfying your inner Bob Geldof by donating some of those old cellphones gathering dust in the back of a closet to a charity that promises to pass them along to some tech-starved African country, you'd better forget about it. One country, Kenya, is complaining that importers are dumping defective old phones in the country, hurting local resellers who buy the phones at discounted prices but find that up to half are unusable. What do they want in Nairobi? Same thing you do: modern phones with good battery life and a legit warranty. At least one company is working to deliver; LG recently opened a local office to distribute phones in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Still want to help? Do a real Geldof and write a check.

[Via TechDirt]

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