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Third party developer talks Revolution controller


Nintendo RevolutionSome guy that claims he's a third party developer for Nintendo products is also claiming that he's seen the Revolution controller. So far we're not doing well for the legitimacy of this rumor. This guy has started up a blog with some information about the controller (which would obviously break his Non-disclosure agreement, if he has one in the first place) and how he justifies this by stating: "It's about time Nintendo gave it's fans a reason to be excited, to be exhilarated, and to believe again." Although I can't quite seem to remember when Nintendo became a religion.

He claims that the controller will feature:
-Wifi Connectivity
-Hot and Cold feedback regions (get blown up, it gets hot)
-Tactile feedback regions (apparently areas of the controller can "push" against your hand)
-The Gamecube controller port will be used to charge the controller

Well, they certainly sound like revolutionary features…

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