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No Touch dispenser serves up clean, cut paper towels

Marc Perton

paper towel cutterWe've seen units like this in public bathrooms, where the presence of all kinds of nasty germs makes us wary of touching just about anything, but the $300 No Touch paper towel dispenser and cutter is the first device of its kind we've seen for home users. The idea is pretty simple; wave your hand over a sensor and a towel comes sliding out. A blade cuts it, and there you have it: a clean, fresh paper towel without having to touch the dispenser. We figure the target market for this includes total germophobes, cooks who don't want to slime their dispenser by touching it with their own dirty hands, and the really lazy, for whom even the effort of pulling and ripping a paper towel is just too, too much.

[Thanks, Lindsay]

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