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Philips makes LCD TVs all CRT-like

Ryan Block, @ryan
Philips LCD TV

Even while LCDs are definitely getting better in the smearing/ghosting department (you know, where pixels just aren't refreshing fast enough and blur during quick on-screen motion) Philips announced a novel workaround to the issue. Cycle the LCD TV's backlight completely off while the pixels are in the process of refreshing themselves, and turn it back on when they're in place and ready to be displayed. The backlight has to be three times brighter than usual to compensate for being shut off in cycle (up to 60 times per second, presumably), but mabe this could just be the tipping point for LCDs over plasmas. Expect to see the Buzzing Backlight (that's what we're calling it, anyway) in higher-end Philips devices soon.

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