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Audi-Oh gives iPod shuffle a whole new meaning


File this one under "You can use an iPod for that!"

It's been too long since we got down and dirty, don't you think? As the sole chic(k) blogger here on TUAW, I opted to take this one for the team, so to speak.

Ludwig (his real name, because we think it's fun to expose perverts) asked us to check out this musical vibrator sound-responsive pleasure enhancer he allegedly read about in the Metro (London's free daily paper for Tube commuters) and has no personal experience with at all. Uh... sure Ludwig... we believe you.

The Audi-Oh is no ordinary sex toy massage device. It uses sound (from just about any audio source with an 1/8-inch jack, not just the iPod) to create a "uniquely stimulating, infinitely variable vibration instead of a repetitive pattern, or continuous vibration." It costs about $70, is powered by a standard 9v battery and comes with includes a bunch of attachments that scare the bejesus out of me.

audi oh animation

I don't think this is what Steve Jobs quite had in mind...


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