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iPod linux project spawns Game Boy emulator

iPod Linux GameBoy emulator

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has caught word of a Gameboy Emulator for the iPod, yes, the iPod. However, some hacker d00d didn't just wake up one day and magically make the emulator, it was ported (presumably from an open source linux gb emulator) under the iPod Linux project. This project already has a few decent gaming projects, namely iPod versions of Tetris and Chess. The project also enables features that Apple has disabled on some iPods, like voice recording (the left iPod headphone includes a microphone), line-in support and basic bitmap viewing.

Enough about the history of the project, you want to know how you can play your Gameboy ROMs on your iPod! Well currently the application isn't available to the public. The people that are developing it aren't giving out any beta files yet either. Before you jump to conclusions and call foul, they've released a few (very blurry) movies of Mario, Pokemon and Zelda in action. Apparently Mario is running at near full speed and it's definitely in full color (at least on the iPod Color).

You?ll need to go digging through a long forum thread to find out any information and there?s a lot of pointless posts, but if you?re an iPod owner and Gameboy fan it?s surely worth it! The only thing (albeit substantial thing) to worry about is the controls. The iPod click wheel was definitely not designed for emulation.

[Via TUAW]

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