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Japanese ATMs double as video slot machines

Ryan Block, @ryan
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank game

Let's face it, in the future there shall be no such thing as dead time—if we're not doing something, we'll surely be staring at ads, or perhaps contemplating new ways to whittle the time away. And you'd think we're lying if we told you, but Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank of Japan is helping us right along by installing a slot-machine like video game in their ATMs. While you're waiting for your transaction to complete (because we know it takes that long), if you can line up three 7s you win about 90 cents (enough to cancel out the transaction fee); or you can win about ¥900 (about $9) if you get "gold" or "super gold" 7s. Uh, yeah guys.

[Via The Inq]

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