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Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 reviewed with MCE 2005

Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2

Dell's Inspiron XPS Gen 2 notebook was designed with two primary markets in mind: the gamer, and the mobile media fanatic. Hothardware's got a review of the unit specifically from the perspective of the latter, having had it pre-configured with Windows MCE 2005 and putting it through the paces as a media PC. They had high praise for both video and audio quality, claiming the sound to be among the best for a notebook. The super bright, 17-inch WUXGA widescreen should be enough to make a comfortable viewing experience for about three people, though a fourth is probably pushing it — making this device a decent choice for those living in small apartments or dorms to serve in lieu of a TV. They would have liked to see a bit more than two hours worth of battery life, and they were down on the design of the dedicated multimedia buttons that only illuminate after you depress one. They also found aspects of the remote and TV hookup experience to be somewhat cumbersome, but overall the quality of the actual viewing experience still makes this notebook an attractive, if somewhat expensive, multimedia notebook offering.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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