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Jack Thompson presses on, attacks Sims 2

Ross Miller
hot tub Sims

Man, is this guy on a roll!  I kind of expect to see pictures of Jack Thompson shouting dramatically about the "nipples" we see in Mario Party 5 (with the right patch, of course).  Kidding aside, Jackie Boy is at it again, this time going after Will Wright's pet, The Sims 2, claiming that, with the right cheat code, one can see "full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair."  Wow, I did not know those little Sim guys and girls had so much detail under the blurs, what with their faces still being kind of blockish.  Turns out, this was all unsubstantiated nonsense, as EA lashes out with a rather cruel truth: all Sims, under those mysterious blurs, are devoid of genitals.  In a word, they are all eunuchs.  Ouch.

If there's one bit of good that might come of this, I suspect Electronic Arts has the power to stop Jack Thompson and his McCarthyistic scare tactics.  As evil and omnipotent as one might find EA to be, they might be our only hope against a maniacal super villain like Jack Thompson.

[UPDATE: Well, while definitely not EA's fault, it should be noted the vast amounts of mods out there that have updated the "skins" to make them as detailed as Jack refers to them.  I'm not going to link to any of them, but a simple google search should show that it is possible.  Still, this is neither EA's fault nor is it the fault of the mod community - it is just something created for the bemusement of a few, nothing wrong with that.]

[Thanks, Shizzle]

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