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Stephen Fretwell set to play Regent Street Apple store


I expect that a guy named "Fretwell" knows how to handle a guitar. Fortunately, he does. Although Stephen Fretwell isn't a household name here in the US, he's a known quantity in the UK, and deservedly so. He's got a new single out ("Emily") and it's quite good.

If you'll be near the Regent Street Apple store in London on Tuesday, August 2nd, I'd encourage you to try for tickets. It's free - but space is limited to only 250 people, so get there early. Or if you're feeling lucky, 50 advance tickets are being given away on Fretwell's website. Don't fret (ha!) if you can't be there... The performance will be recorded live and released for download on iTunes the following week.

If any of our readers attend the event, take lots of pictures for us!

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