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Where Apple Went Wrong With Widgets


tiger dashboardIf you haven't heard yet, Yahoo! purchased Konfabulator and launched Yahoo! widgets today.

As you may recall, soon after Apple announced that Dashboard and Widgets would be a new feature of Tiger, several people, including yours truly, complained that Apple was ripping off the Konfabulator people and should have done the right thing by buying out Konfabulator.

In light of today's Yahoo! widgets announcement, Apple's mistake is even clearer: If they had grabbed Konfabulator when they had the chance, then they wouldn't have had to deal with Konfabulator's small group of loyal followers when they first released Dashboard. As an added bonus, today Apple wouldn't be facing a cross-platform Yahoo!-sponsored free version of one of Tiger's most highly talked-up features.

Does anyone else out there think this was a huge mistake on Apple's part?


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