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Yahoo! buys Konfabulator

Scott McNulty

And I am not talking about just one license here, I mean the whole darned company.  It seems that the search engine giant is looking for more ammunition in its fight with Google, and thinks that widgets are just what the doctor ordered.

Konfabulator will now be free (anyone who purchased 2.0 will be issued a refund) and will be tailored to draw information from a variety of Yahoo related services. Is this a big deal? Well, for the makers of Konfabulator it sure as heck is.

I wonder if they will discontinue the Mac version now, or if it will become as buggy as Yahoo Messenger is on my Mac?

Update: Mark Perton, of Download Squad, links to a MacCentral article in which Arlo Rose says that Mac development will continue, and they are looking at becoming even more cross platform (widgets on your TIVO).

The real question is, now that Konfabulator is free are you going to download it, or are you happy with Dashboard (if you're running Tiger)?

Thanks, Clint!


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