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Thought Out settles with Apple, agrees to change name of iPed


Let this be a lesson to you. Just because your product is intended for use with an iPod, you don't get to call it something that looks like you meant to call it iPod, but the printer screwed up on your packaging so you just went with what they printed.

A company named Thought Out didn't really think it out when they named their iPod pedestal product the iPed. Apple legal was having a slow day in early June, so they issued a cease and desist letter stating that the iPed name could confuse consumers and weaken Apple’s brand strength. Kinda like Apple Computer calling their operating system Tiger, which surely weakens the brand strength and confuses Tiger Direct customers looking for cheap beige PC cases and CPU coolers.

After a month or so of thinking it over, Thought Out decided that duking it out with Apple wasn't really worth it, so they issued a statement today saying they'd reached an agreement with Apple and have renamed their iPod stand. The iPod stand formerly known as the iPed will now simply be known as "Ped."

Gripping drama, isn't it?


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