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Yamaha's Tenori-On LED-panel instrument

Marc Perton

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yamaha tenori on

We've always thought Yamaha was a little, let's say, offbeat. After all, how many companies can boast that they make both pianos and motorcycles (we're still waiting for them to combine the two).? And the company's latest project shows that they've still got a few surprises to offer. The Tenori-On is an instrument that looks like a Lite Brite and sounds like a an old sci-fi computer. You play it by running your fingers over a grid of 256 LEDs, each of which has multiple positions offering different tones. Multiple Tenori-Ons can be networked together, creating Tenori-On orchestras. We doubt this will ever be commercialized, but if it does, we want one for our bike, er, music studio.

[Via Music Thing]

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