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Beyond TV 4 To Support HDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

Our sister-blog, PVR Wire caught this news coming across the ticker, and it emphasizes the HDTV future in one word: convenience. Snapstream Media announced the next version of their Beyond TV product will be released in a few months. Beyond TV is a Windows application that functions similar to the Windows Media Center operating system and gives you PVR capabilities. You can record programming, pause live television and more.

While the current version of Beyond TV doesn't support HDTV, Snapstream indicated that the upcoming version will. With very few HDTV capable PVRs, most of us are tied to the programming schedules, since we can't record HD-quality content. Beyond TV and other similar products will fulfill two consumer needs. They allow us to timeshift our content, which will include HDTV, and also provide the ability to watch that HDTV on computer monitors that by and large are becoming more capable of displaying high-def content.

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