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Cinego: all-in-one EDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

Update: We went to our local Radio Shack at lunch to see the unit. Unfortunately, we were told this product is an on-line only purchase, so we couldn't see one.

Looking for an EDTV theater package? Have a large blank wall to view your video on? Just like cool HD-type products? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, consider running down to your local Radio Shack for their Cinego D-1000 Instant Theater Projection System powered by DLP.

The Cinego is an all-in-one unit that currently retails for $1.299. The eight-pound projector unit features a 480p-capable DLP chip for EDTV viewing. A progressive scan DVD player is integrated into the unit, so you can take advantage of the DVD resolution. Two speakers are also part of the projector and you get your pounding bass sound from an external subwoofer.

Since the Cinego is a projector-based system, you need to provide a viewing wall or screen, which has two advantages over non-projectors. First, the unit takes up much less space than a corresponding setup comprised of TV set, DVD player and home theater. Second, you can do something with a projector that you can't do with a fixed screen: vary the screen size. If a simple EDTV package is what you're looking for, consider a peek at the Cinego. We're hoping Radio Shack considers a new model that supports 720p. We'll even recommend a name: the Cinego D-2000.


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