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40-inch LCD panels coming in under $1,000

Sony Grand WEGA HDTVs

Market research firm iSuppli reports that prices of 40 to 42-inch LCD panels fell below $1,000 this month, with an average price of $1,125 — indicating consumer cost for LCD-TVs should fall to as low as $2,500 by Q4. LCD panel suppliers are continually pumping up output on large-sized panels from 23 to 42-inch sizes, shifting market demand to larger dimension LCD TVs. Prices on all dimensions continue to fall, with a pronounced decrease at the 40-42-inch range due to a joint-venture facility operated by Samsung and Sony pumping out panels at that size. Global LCD TV sales overall this year are up 87 percent from last year, and should hit about 18.8 million units by the end of 2005.

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