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Gear guide for athletes

Marc Perton

garmin forerunner 301 gpsBack in the day, exercise goals were measured in general terms like laps around a track or miles biked. But today's athletes are as tech-obsessed as those of us who spend our days slumped in front of a computer exercising our minds instead of our bodies. The New York Times has a good rundown of some of the more popular gadgets, including old standbys like heart-rate monitors and pedometers, along with newer tools like GPS systems for runners (like the Garmin Forerunner 301, pictured) and power meters for cyclists. As much as we love gadgets, we don't need any of these to tell us whether we've exercised enough. We rely, instead, on a proven method that's served us well over the years: we know we've had enough when we collapse in a heap.

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