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Kutaragi on PS3: "it'll be expensive"


money bagsWe know, what else is new? But seriously folks, peep what Kutaragi has said this time:

"I'm aware that with all these technologies, the PS3 can't be offered at a price that's targeted towards households. I think everyone can still buy it if they wanted to… I'm not going to reveal its price today. I'm going to only say that it'll be expensive."

We're at an interesting crossroads in the history of console gaming. And as this industry slowly merges with other media technologies, the cost of gaming is seemingly going to skyrocket. Console players aren't used to laying down $500 for a system—will we ever be? It will be interesting to watch the consequences of growing developer and consumer costs in the next-gen.  Is Sony set for a drastic loss? Will Nintendo's for-gaming-only outlook payoff? These are exciting times, ladies and gentlemen. Exciting times, indeed.

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