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Olympia DualPhone for Skype reviewed

Marc Perton

olympia dual phone for skypeSure, we like Skype. But we're realistic about it; sometimes, we end up having to use our POTS line to make or receive a call. That's why we like the idea of the Olympia RTX3055 Cordless DualPhone for Skype (which has been available in Europe for a year, but only recently won FCC approval for U.S. distribution). As the name implies, this phone works with both Skype (via a USB connection from the phone's base to your PC) and your landline (via, you know). Tom's Networking gave one a workout, and found it performed as promised; easily making and receiving both landline and Skype calls, without interfering with a home network or other equipment. And while Tom's pointed out that other alternatives, like Actiontec's Internet Phone Wizard may be cheaper than the $140 Olympia, we agree with the conclusion that "if you're a heavy Skype user, the DualPhone is something you'll definitely want to check out."

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