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DRM on Mactel Machines?


kill drm deadkill drm deadI think I'll save most of my ranting about this for the podcast (which should be coming next Monday, and it should be an actual podcast available in the iTMS and everything; keep your fingers crossed), but I just wanted to point you all to some very disheartening news: it looks like Apple is going to add Trusted Computing to the new OS X, Intel-savvy kernel. What's wrong with that you ask?

Well, Cory covers this part nicely: "The point of Trusted Computing is to make it hard -- impossible, if you believe the snake-oil salesmen from the Trusted Computing world -- to open a document in a player other than the one that wrote it in the first place, unless the application vendor authorizes it.... It's like a web-site that you can only load in the browser that the author intended it to be seen in. ... What this means is that 'open formats' is no longer meaningful." As far as I am concerned, if Apple goes live with this on the new Macs, it'll be the worst move they've ever made.

Make sure you check out the /. thread where this info originally emerged. I'm sort of speechless about the whole thing. Why does bad news always come at the beginning of the month? Anyway, I wrote a poem about how this makes me feel:

Kill DRM Dead, a poem by C.K. Sample, III:

Have I ever told you that I hate you, DRM?

I do. I hate you, DRM. You ruin everything. You make everything more difficult. You break apart the sharing goodness that makes society flow. I hate you. Die, DRM. Die.


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