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Qoolqee K7 review

Peter Rojas

Remember how back in November Korean manufacturer Qoolqee received an inordinate amount of attention after it totally botched its lame attempt at a teaser site for its new K7 flash-based MP3 player? Probably not, but it doesn't matter much, since the K7 Yeah, well the whole thing was sort of a bust, but Anything But Ipod (you can guess what they're all about) has one of the few English-language reviews we've seen of the player and they mainly like it. It's not as small as most of the other flash-based players out there, and they disliked its plasticky feel, but they say that the K7 does have above-average sound quality, a 1.5-inch color LCD screen, 20 hour battery life, and support for playback of MP3, WMA, and OGG audio files), as well as some relatively uncommon features like dual headphone inputs, a tempo change function for altering the speed of the audio that you're listening to (handy for listening to audio books and theoretically also handy for beat matching DJs), and the ability schedule the K7 to record FM radio at specific times each day sort of like a radio TiVo.

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