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Global American Technologies' Fio MP3 sunglasses

America Global Technologies Fio MP3 sunglasses

If you just gotta rock the MP3 sunglasses but aren't keen on shelling out for the Oakley Thump, you could have a gander at the somewhat cheaper Fio MP3 sunglasses from Global American Technologies. They're going for $200 to $400 at storage capacities of 128MB up to 1GB, include 3D stereo sound earbuds in each arm, support MP3/WMA/ADCPM and have a reported battery life of 8.5 hours. Transfer is via USB 2.0 to either a Mac or a PC, with an integrated microphone providing digital voice recording capabilities. Cheaper, true, but just not our bag, baby — go nuts if it's yours, though.

[Via MP3 Player News and Info]

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