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Enfora and LeapFrog put out TicTalk cellphone for kids

TicTalk cellphone for kids

Ahhhh yes, yet another cellphone for the kiddies — soon enough there'll just be cellular kiosks in every natal ward. Anywho, Enfora and toy company LeapFrog have collaborated on the TicTalk, a cellphone with bare bones features, restricted call list and added safety functions. LeapFrog's influence has differentiated the TicTalk from offerings like the Firefly by incorporating educational mini-games and a PIM function (damn, even kids need PIMs these days? Slow down, world!). All of the data in the phone is actually entered via a web interface and transferred to the handset over the wire — there's no physical entry via the phone UI itself. The GSM-based TicTalk hasn't been snagged by any carriers yet, but LeapFrog wants to offer it at a pricepoint of about $25 for 100 minutes of talk time.

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