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Wrap up crooks with the Shooting Net

Marc Perton
shooting net

We can't imagine this works very well, but our spider-sense is tingling at the thought of the Shooting Net, an air-powered gun that shoots an umbrella-shaped net. According to the developer, Chinese OEM Ajoka (pronounced like "a joker"?), the net is a perfect non-lethal weapon for everyone from homeowners to security guards. Of course, Ajoka fails to mention that a netted gun-wielding thug is still wielding that gun, and that you apparently only get one shot before you have to reload (the net is reusable, so be sure to retrieve it after subduing and untangling the bad guy). Still, the video on Ajoka's site makes this thing look like a lot of fun (at least for the person doing the shooting). Hopefully someone will get the manufacturing rights to this so we can check it out; even if it's useless against criminals, it could be the centerpiece of a whole new sport.

[Via TRFJ]

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