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A little behind-the-scenes at the Apple Retail Stores

Ryan Block, @ryan
Toronto apple store

We don't have a lot of illusions about the geniuses at the Genius Bar or what it's like to work at the Retail Stores—let alone Apple HQ—but we do know how tight lipped they are about things. Anything, really. And their taunting us with information, however minute, we're not allowed to have only makes us want it more, so behold some of the more/less mundane details of the workings of Apple's retail chain that ThinkSecret dug up!

  • Unknown to many Apple retail store customers, especially those dialing AppleCare for help with the matter, at the manager's discretion any retail store is able to replace displays, laptops, or iMacs with even a single dead pixel, regardless of location. Even displays that exhibit dead pixels within the "normal" range can be replaced free of charge if the customer deems the so-called "pixel anomaly" unacceptable.

  • Customers who purchase any Apple-branded product up to 14 days previous to a downward price adjustment can also receive the balance of the two prices by visiting the store within two weeks of the new price going into effect and bringing their receipt with them.

  • Apple?s reselling contract with Bose also mandates that Apple accept returns of Bose products within 30-days of purchase with no questions asked and no restocking fee. This policy applies to all Bose resellers as well as Bose stores, however.

  • Should an Apple retail employee come across any ?illegal images? on a Mac dropped off by a customer to a store, they are obligated to report the violation to Store Operations, which takes matters from there.

  • Not surprisingly, Apple retail employees are ordered not to comment on rumors to customers under any circumstances. Furthermore, while Apple employees are granted permission by Apple to create their own personal Web pages and blogs, they are not allowed to comment on anything related to Apple on such pages. Furthermore, they are prohibited from posting in any capacity on any Mac-related Websites or forums, whether they identify themselves as working for Apple or not.

Yeah, this kind of stuff is run of the mill for most computer stores?except that last bit, of course. Somebody?s totally busted!

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