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Creative intros X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity soundcards

Creative X-Fi sound cards

So Creative has been touting their new Xtreme Fidelity (X-Fi) audio processing technology which, in Sim Wong Hoo's hyperbolic way will of course revolutionize audio and eventually replace all the high-fi equipment in your home. Today they officially announced the first sound cards based on X-Fi: the Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro, X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS (yes, they really replaced that "i" with a "1" — tres 1337, dudes), X-Fi Platinum, and X-Fi XtremeMusic. All feature three processing modes specifically tailored for specific tasks: entertainment mode, gaming mode, and audio creation mode. The four cards will be available this month at Best Buy for $399.99, $279.99, $199.99 and $129.99, respectively.

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