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Jeff Jarvis wants a water-proof iPod speaker system


Über-blogger Jeff Jarvis doesn't want for much. But in case Santa is listening, here's what he'd like: A waterproof speaker set-up for the iPod so he can take it into the shower, a waterproof cable television setup and a waterproof wireless internet station, also presumably for the shower, oh yeah... and a Bluetooth iPod.

We think Jeff may be spending entirely too much time in the shower, but we'd like to help him out with at least one of his requests, anyway.

There are actually quite few options for rocking out while soaping up. First, there's the Dreamgear BOOM BOOM Multi-Box. It's water-resistant and the manufacturer claims it's perfect for a trip to the beach,  pool,  camping trips, or for use in the shower. It even includes a swivel hanger so you can suspend it from your shower rod. The built-in speakers are battery-powered by 4 AA batteries and it comes in your choice of 6 different colors. The best part is the price, which ranges from $10-$20 depending on where you buy it.

h2o audio ipod 4g caseThere's also the H20 Audio SV series, which includes models for iPod mini, iPod 3G and iPod 4G. The SV is "designed for surface watersports such as surfing, wakeboarding, swimming and kayaking with depth capabilities of 10ft (3m)." Waterproof Headset and Silicon Earplugs are included. It will set you back about $150.

otterboxIf you're still not convinced, take a look at the OtterBox waterproof iPod cases, available for iPod 20GB, 30/40/60GB, mini, and shuffle models. Prices range from $25 - $50 and the OtterBox is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof. Add your own waterproof headphones and you can truly drown out the rest of the world.

With all these bathroom-friendly iPod accessories to choose from, you'll be singing a different tune next time you hit the showers.

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