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adidas and Polar's Project Fusion training system

Ryan Block, @ryan
adidas and Polar Project Fusion training system

Watch out Nike, adidas (that's pronounced ah-dee-das)—you know 'em, you love 'em—and Polar, a bodily monitoring company, have teamed up to develop Project Fusion, what they're calling the first fully integrated training system. The long and short of it is Project Fusion enhances adidas adiStar Fusion apparel (such as shoes, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, bras, and women's tops) with Polar's s3 Stride Sensor, WearLink transmitter, and their RS800 Running Computer, so all your training is as accurate, simple, and pain-free as possible (well, free of the geeky kind of pain, anyway). You've got to really want it, really taste it in your mouth… to actually plunk down 680 bones on the set, that is. Don't worry, you'll have until next spring to save for it.

[Via GizMag]

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