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LG working on VX-1000 emergency cellphone for Verizon

Marc Perton

lg vx-1000If you thought you could escape the impending "emergency cellphone" juggernaut, think again. While your kids may not be bugging you for a Firefly or TicTalk, you're about to be bombarded with guilt-inducing marketing messages pitching the phones. And now that kid-friendly companies like LeapFrog have shown the potential for the market, the big boys are about to enter, meaning there will be no escape. The latest, according to FCC filings, is LG, which is prepping the VX-1000 for Verizon. The CDMA phone has a dedicated 911 key, four programmable keys and a small display. And that's about it. We still think manufacturers need to make these more colorful and fun if they really want to appeal to kids, but at this point, it looks like LG and Verizon are going to pitch this to parents, so cheap and functional seems to be the direction they've chosen to go.

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