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Sequels, sequels, and more sequels

Steve Parsons

Was the death of originality announced at a recent E3? Or was it aggreed upon in a secret meetingKatamari Damacy 2 somewhere? Sequels rule the roost right now. If it's not a sequel, or a garbage movie license, it most likely doesn't stand a chance in todays gaming world.

EGM, via 1UP, has an interesting piece on the subject, though I take strong issue with the comment that people who complain about sequels forget that it's all a business. People aren't that stupid. I'm quite certain most people realise that we're deluged with sequels BECAUSE it's a business, and that developers are too scared to take a risk, lest they lose money. Rather like Hollywood, it's left mostly to the independent developer to carry the torch of originality, though the occasional flash of mainstream originality comes through. (Katamari Damacy for example.)

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