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Widget Watch: BSOD


Our friends at Download Squad beat me to this one yesterday.

Here's a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Widget that Mac users can trigger when they are feeling unsure of their choice in computing platforms. It's only a few days old and it's already been updated to version 0.2b!

You're familiar with the BSOD, right? No? Well just have a look around your Windows-infested office and you'll probably catch a few glimpses of it per day. Here's a reference shot for you:

I originally saw the inspiration for it on Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus, who got it from BBSpot... and then I promptly forgot about it until today. BBSpot inspired the widget with a mock interview with Phil Schiller, who was satirically "quoted" as saying "What started with Windows file-sharing compatibility that only partly works is further improved with the BSOD widget. We at Apple understand that we need to increase our perception of unreliability if we are to compete with Windows in the workplace. The BSOD widget is big step in that direction."

Of course the main difference between a real Windows BSOD and the BSOD widget is that you can activate the widget when you want to take a break - not when Windows wants to take a break.

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