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Browse iTunes cover art with CoverFlow


I have fond memories of sifting through stacks of LP's, not quite sure of what I wanted to listen to, hoping to be inspired by just the right piece of cover art. Or better yet, digging through rows of dusty milk crates in an out-of-the-way record store, searching for that one treasure that I just had to take home. Reading a list of text in iTunes just isn't the same. Could I somehow recreate that old experience on my Mac?

CoverFlow comes pretty close. It's an album cover browser that's been written in Cocoa and makes use of OpenGL. Flip through your albums one at a time, while keeping the next and previously viewed album visible. Double click your selection to begin playing it in iTunes. Album art can be pulled from mp3 tags, Synergy, Clutter or Amazon, and if CoverFlow still doesn’t find the appropriate artwork, you can just drag and drop an image in place.

It really is nice to look at, I have to say, and flipping through albums is fun. There's even a preference that allows you to set conditions that dictate which albums are displayed, smart album style (add or delete several conditions to seriously customize your options). The current release, version 1.6, is a technical demo and will expire on August 14th. The developer has set up a page of feature requests, and says that a wiki is in the works. I'm certainly eager to watch this application develop. Check it out if you're interested.

[Via What Do I Know]


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