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iZ is from Zizzle


iZ from Zizzle

And neighbors with Mork from Ork, no doubt, but will be showing up in Times Square next month for its terrestrian debut. iZ is — oh yes — Yet Another iPod Accessory, but luckily not your average speaker system nor (yawn) case. It's a "funky-looking, 9-inch tall, three-legged plastic character" that freaks to the beat of your iPod and is controlled by an orange-and-white belly button (what else, really?). It's not completely dependent on the iPod for its unusual antics — it plays seven musical beats on its own when you, uh, touch its tummy. You add layers of sound by turning its ears and touching the "flicker" switch (we didn't ask). After its debut next month, it'll be available for $40 at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, and other big box stores we know and love.

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