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Would you trust WirelessUSB with KISSBind?

Ryan Block, @ryan

So Cypress Semi. has this new feature for WirelessUSB (uh, where that at, again?) called KISSBind that allows for a "simple and intuitive" way for device pairing, wherein two device merely come in very close proximity with one another—no keypresses, no passcodes, nothing—and instantly bind. No fuss, no muss. Sounds great for mom and dad until you realize how difficult it would be to make a wireless device truly capable of telling distance without triangulation, especially when you've got a (nefarious) snarfer on the loose. If KISSBind really only uses proximity to bond WirelessUSB devices together, we're going to be really surprised if this even gets a foot off the ground a foot before "Kissnarfing" blows the whole thing wide open and ruins WUSB for everyone. Sheez, thanks a lot, guys.

[Thanks, Sherif]

Update: So apparently Cypress's WirelessUSB is not to be confused with Wireless USB (which Cypress should have made clear), and KISSBind works in extremely low power/range wherein it "modulates its power output in a specific manner, and at levels that would not be detectable by any receiver that is more than a few centimeters away." We're still not convinced it wouldn't be totally snarfable, but we thank Sherif (again) for his input.

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