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American McGee to make graphic novels

Ross Miller

American McGee's Alice and Chessire CatAmerican McGee, who finds happiness in making demented children's stories even more demented (and making Tim Burton seem like a well-adjusted individual) has been trying to make his way onto every entertainment medium lately.  First was his PC shooter Alice, which is now set to be a movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the homicidal orphan.  After his game came plans to make a game based on Oz, but when that didn't work he instead tried to make a movie, and when that didn't work out (at least so far) he settled for action figures of his characters from Todd McFarlane.  Now McGee is heading into the world of graphic novels.  He has just signed a deal with Cellar Door Publishing to release graphic novels based on his interpreation of the Wizard of Oz, the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and his newest game Bad Day L.A.

I think he could pull off some great dark noir novels, which have garnered much more respect lately with Frank Miller's Sin City sparking interest.  I really do hope we get to see an Oz or Grimm video game at some point, though.  Alice could've been better, gameplay-wise, but the atmosphere and voice acting was stellar.

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