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Jumping on the bandwagon: OS X on x86! OMG!


So, everyone is posting about OS X running on x86. Wired picked it up today. Our sibling blogs Engadget and DownloadSquad both beat Wired to the punch on it. It's even getting a lot of attention on digg. So, why hasn't TUAW posted about it yet?

Well, I think we TUAWers are all suffering from the boy who cried wolf syndrome. Ever since the Mactel switch was revealed, there have been numerous rumors popping up saying, OMG! Developer OS X leaked and running on Windoze box!!! Get the torrent here!!!, but many people have been surprised by goatse at the end of a long download (and no one ever wants to see that). This most recent rash of reports may very well be true, but the thrill is gone for us. We all have OS X running on nicely styled metal Apple machines. Why get excited about running it on a clunkily designed plastic Dell?

I don't know about everyone else on team TUAW, but the next time you see a post from me about running OS X on a PC, it'll be when I actually have done the hack myself and have it running with tons of pics and performance notes.


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