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MacDevCenter on NeoOffice/J


NeoOfficeOne of our recurring points of discussion here at TUAW seems to revolve around the age old question: If not M$ Office, then what?. Well, Matthew Russell over at MacDevCenter has put together a pretty good answer to that question with What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office): "NeoOffice/J is the long-awaited Mac-friendly version of OpenOffice. This open source project provides Mac users with most of the functionality of Microsoft Office, but for free. Is NeoOffice robust enough to serve as your only office suite in a Microsoft-dominated world? Matthew Russell explores. Plus, an in-depth interview with its lead developer, Patrick Luby."

It's a rather thorough 2-page introduction to this Microsoft Office alternative followed by a 3 page interview with Patrick Luby, NeoOffice's Lead Developer. I especially like the list near the end of page 2 noting why someone who already owns Office should take a look at NeoOffice/J. The best answer in the list: "When Microsoft products crash, it reminds you of the days when you used Windows."


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