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PGA is mostly in HD

Kevin C. Tofel

I'm watching the PGA Championship in HDTV on CBS right now and I am furious! Shame on CBS for advertising this in HDTV, when they have a limited number of HD cameras covering the event. I can't tell for sure, but it appears that the cameras on the towers are HD cameras, but that's it.

Every single image from the tee-boxes or on the green looks worse than SD. Right this second, Phil Mickelson is putting for par on the ninth hole and the picture is atrocious! His putter is ghosted so bad, it appears that he has three putters. He did make the putt, so I guess his view is detailed.

What's worse yet is that every time they switch camera views, we're going back and forth between HD and SD quality, which is completely annoying. I'll be firing off an e-mail to CBS right after this post to complain and question this. Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?


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