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HDTV PVR poll results

Kevin C. Tofel

Over at PVRWire, Todd ran a great poll to see how many PVR owners had high-def recording technology. I don't know if a bunch of HD Beat readers hit the poll or not, but a whopping 49% of the respondents have an HD-capable PVR. An additional 25% polled indicated that they plan to get one; this is the camp I'm in.

My suspicion is that most of the HD PVR owners have a unit through their satellite or cable provider. There aren't that many standalone HD PVR units out there yet, although this is clearly a growing segment. With so few choices, the standalones are much more expensive and can't compete with the integrated set-top receiver and recorder. It doesn't hurt that the content providers are heavily subsidizing the boxes.

Another thought is that many of the HD PVR owners have Windows Media Center Edition 2005, which supports HDTV over-the-air recording. Curious: do we have any folks that are using WMCE 2005 on a large HDTV monitor? Let's define large as 34-inches or more. I'm thinking I have a new project, since I don't have an HDTV PVR or a WMCE machine.


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