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Hands-on with the Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty

Ryan Block, @ryan
Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty

We don't follow the FPS gear scene all that closely (if you couldn't tell—well, maybe a little), but when Sim Wong Hoo announced the X-Fi a couple weeks ago with a small cloud of hullabaloo, our ears definitely perked up. So how is the X-Fi Fatal1ty? Well, besides being one of the first ever sound cards that requires external power, audio quality on the device is apparently noticeably better than the Audigy 1 or 2, while also relieving some CPU usage in system audio processing. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us—so now we're just supposed to wait for the Creative takeover of the consumer PC audio world, right? Wait, what do you mean they're already to the gold standard?

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