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D-Link DWL-G730AP mobile router reviewed

Marc Perton
D-Link Airplus G DWL-G730AP

To be honest, we're really not sure how many people actually use portable WiFi routers, since it seems like virtually every decent hotel either already has access points — or is within range of service you can snarf. However, there must be a market for them, since companies keep coming out with newer and more affordable models. MobileTechReview checked out D-Link's entry, the DWL-G730AP, a USB-powered unit about the size of a playing card. MobileTechReview found that it has a range of useful features, including easy setup, good security, and a range of modes including the ability to work as a WiFi client in case you don't have a wireless card in your portable. It also has a street price of about $60, which doesn't seem too bad for a portable combo unit like this. Maybe there is a market for these things after all.

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