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iStation's V43 gunning for the PSP

Ryan Block , @ryan

i-Station V43

We haven't heard of many devices actually using AMD's low-power multimedia processor, the Alchemy Au1200, after that first slew by GoVideo and a couple others, but it looks like i-Station's new V43 isn't taking any chances. Besides having a 4.3-inch 16:9 color display, DivX, XviD, and WMV support, they actually managed to kind of knock off the PSP interface—which isn't a bad thing, necessarily. Most UIs are so bad, if someone wants to knock off a decent interface we're totally down with that. And hey, they even fess up to it on their product page and mention the PSP. Expect it to run 500,000KRW (about $490 US).

[Via AVing]

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